Paul Ndunguru is a renowned visual artist, performer, and educator in Tanzania. He has shared his work across Asia, Europe, and Africa. He got a diploma in visual arts at the Bagamoyo College of Arts in Tanzania. He works for the Tanzanian Books Project as an illustrator and makes comics, sculptures, paintings, and he is a lead singer and a composer for the Wahapahapa Band. Paul is an executive director for Alama Art and Media Production Ltd since 2003. They design printing material for promoting the radio and TV programs. The company also works with several projects developing, designing and producing radio drama and story boarding for TV. An example of his work for the Wahapahapa cartoons can be found here, where Paul Ndunguru uses a digital drawing tablet on a Mac and welcomes the idea that new technology has not left artists aside.

In a recent paining exhibition at the Alliance Française, Paul Ndunguru expressed the importance for people to have the right to get information and communicate freely, especially in a world where certain paradigms or stories are not allowed to be questioned –elders, leaders, decision-makers. Against this idea that the “the rest has to follow”, he uses symbols that can create dialogue and initiate platforms for communications, and eventually open the world of social and environmental justice.

Furthermore Paul is the Nafasi artist board representative. As close friend of the Nafasi Art community, he will be hosting a Hangout and an exhibition at Nafasi on December 10th.

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