Nadin Reschke (*1975 in Bernburg an der Saale) studied art in Wales, Dresden, and Berlin.

She finished the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden in Ulrike Grossrath’s master class. Her artistic work often focuses on topics of intercultural exchange. In her work, Nadin Reschke approaches locality through the persona of a nomad, presenting the artist as a mobile mediator who moves between geographic, social and cultural spaces. This is related to her exploration of the concept of “locality” –constantly reinvented by informal economies, gender, ethnicity and cross-cultural practices, being local is “an act in itself”, an exploration of physical geography but also -mostly- an orientation through social relationships, networks and memory.

For example, in so far so good, Reschke travelled eastward from Germany through fourteen countries, getting involved in communities and developing dialogues and collaborations with artists and other residents. She designed and sewed a tent –ancient, simple, mobile shelter– which became an integral part of her encounters; the tent became a site to host local acts. Pelin Tan, who researches on art practice, urban conflicts and territorial politics, noted the highly performative side of Nadin Reschke’s work.

“In transitional spaces, the local is transformed into the experience of a place situated within a number of conditions or specificities. These include social structures such as networks, the appeal of ‘community’, and the territorialization of politics. In the process of So far so good, Reschke involved herself in these structures, creating and expanding them through her practices. In following projects, she also considered further aspects of locality as a situational experience, in particular, trans-local relationships between cities and personal stories or subjectivities.

Pelin Tan, Local in Transitional Space



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