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Explore stories from your city on your mobile — the first ever interactive historical guide to Dar es Salaam!
The Urban Narratives app is now available on Android (get it today!) and coming soon for iOS.

• What is the oldest place in this neighborhood? What has changed? The app shows, on a large map, stories of urban heritage collected during two summer schools in Berlin and Dar es Salaam, from the students of TU Berlin & Ardhi University.

• The app features drawings from Tanzania-based artist Sarah Markes, as well as an archive of historical photographs curated by DARCH, the Dar es Salaam centre for Architectural Heritage.

Now available on Android!

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Coming soon on iOS

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Urban Narratives App Privacy Policy

Urban Narratives App Privacy Policy

Find here the terms and details of our privacy policy for the Urban Narratives app, which uses geolocation and allows access to the ... Read More