Annika Seifert is a lecturer in architecture at the University of Applied Science Lucerne. As a researcher at the Habitat Unit (2013-2016) she co-founded DARCH, an international heritage think tank in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (funded by the EDF). After her studies at the ETH Zurich and several years of practical experience as an architect, Annika Seifert received the bi-annual fellowship of the Swiss Board of Architects for her research project ‘Hitzearchitektur, Lernen von der Afrikanischen Moderne’ (gta Verlag, 2012, with Gunter Klix). Since 2010 she has worked for the Goethe-Institut Tanzania developing and coordinating the project series ‘Global City – Local Identity’ on rapid urban development in East Africa. In cooperation with Tanzanian, Swiss and German universities she has tutored several academic exchange programmes. Annika is editor of ‘Global City – Local Identity’ (Mkuki na Nyota, 2013) and has published articles and contributions in various journals and publications.