19:30 – Free entrance, refreshments and snacks served

Old Boma building, Sokoine Drive / Morogoro Road, Dar es Salaam

With introductions by Dr. Rachel Lee (LMU Munich) and Dr Philipp Misselwitz (TU Berlin)

Things don‘t really exist until you give them a name traces contemporary urban heritage discourses and practices through diverse cities across the globe. From Dar es Salaam to Berlin, via Istanbul, Dresden and Kolkata, different voices connect to heritage debates. Architects, planners and urban researchers, as well as historians,cultural managers and artists provide fresh perspectives, concepts, methods and tools to address the urban heritage conundrum: Although heritage is touted as having the power to effect social cohesion and galvanise urban communities, it is intrinsically contested and divisive. Rather than a belief in absolute (aesthetic and material) values,this book argues for a more citizen-centred and rights-based approach to heritage which could help to make cities more just and inclusive.

Edited by Rachel Lee, Diane Barbé, Anne-Katrin Fenk & Philipp Misselwitz
Published by Mkuki na Nyota Publishers,Dar es Salaam, 2017

Hosted by DARCH, Goethe Institut Dar es Salaam, Mkuki na Nyota Publishers in collaboration with the the IAPS 2017 International Conference

Below a preview of the book, which is scheduled to be fully printed by November 2018 (photo by Philipp Misselwitz):