In her artists talk on Wednesday, the 10th of February at Nafasi Art Space Reschke presented some of her latest community based art projects to introduce her artistic practise to the local audience. The second part of the presentation took the format of a discussion where the artist directed the questions towards the audience to get specific advise and insights from local artists, historians and visitors as to what current issues Dar es Salam as rapidly growing and changing city bears at the moment.

Reschke works usually start from a dialogue, a point of communication between her and someone else, a group. She is interested in the production of difference – as heterogenesis. Acting as a group – whether as a defined, cohesive or loose conglomerat of people always creates a multitude of positions and viewpoints. Nafasi, the art space in Dar es Salam where she is based at the moments offers the perfect location for that: Artists from different backgrounds, dancers and musicians have their  working spaces here. During the next weeks Reschke wants to invite these artists for a collaborative work – using a mix of media – to look at Dar es Salams spatial histories and possible futures.